Where to enjoy the best ice cream in Paris!

Where to enjoy the best ice cream in Paris!

All this heat that makes your head spin, but it does not cut the appetite for all that. To survive when it's 39 degrees, there is nothing better than to enjoy an ice cream at the edge of a swimming pool, a fountain or a garden peacefully. Whether vanilla, chocolate, craft, sorbet or Italian, it will refresh you and make you forget the heat wave. Find out our best Paris addresses for a deliciously icy moment.


You can not be disappointed enjoying one of the ice at Raimo, the oldest traditional glacier Paris. Since 1947, production secrets are carefully kept from generation to generation for ice cream of exceptional quality. The flavors are fairly simple - glossy brown, almond milk, lemon-basil - but will carry you very far at first bite!

If the parent company prides itself on being the oldest glacier of the capital (1947), two other addresses in the Marais and Saint Germain have come to join in 2012. Alongside the classics that make the reputation of the place, more ruffling flavors: chestnut brown, ginger, lemon-basil, almond milk.

59 Boulevard de Reuilly, 75012 Paris

A la mère de famille

The name of this brand inspires confidence. From the mere mentioning of the name, all we can imagine is healthy ice cream, without preservatives or colorings, made from pureed fresh seasonal fruit and quality products. That's exactly right. Delicious homemade ice cream and inspired.
 Fragrance: the black sesame ice-based recipe. So hard to find in Paris apart from some Japanese restaurants
But also: Vacherin raspberry nougat and ice pink praline

35 rue du Faubourg Montmartre 75009 Paris


Like you can not visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower, your visit is not complete if you don't try try al teast once their emblematic ice cream made at Berthillon. 

Seasonal fruits, respect of natural flavor of the product and the know-how make this family business one of the best glaciers in Paris. All weekends, ice eaters take their gluttony patiently and quietly waiting to order in their turn, the famous ice cone.

Fragrance: the peach and vanilla or cocoa duo extrabitter-raspberry pink
But also: the strawberry mixture of wood and hazelnut per liter or ½ liter

31 Rue Saint-Louis en l'Ile 75004 Paris

Martine Lambert

For over 20 years, Martine Lambert delights the sweet tooth with its ice creams with surprising tastes like creamy rice pudding, apple-cinnamon or pepper peppered Sichuan-chocolate. Milks and creams are directly delivered from Normandy to Rue Cler shop, easier to understand why they are so yummy.

Another reason behind the repute of Martine Lambert is that they work only with fresh and seasonal ingredients, so neither frozen fruit puree, nor colorings or preservatives.

192 rue de Grenelle 75007 Paris

Le Bac à glaces

True temple of ice in all its forms where you will discover over sixty flavors in this little Rue du Bac tearoom. Sorbets give you the impression of biting into a ripe fruit and you will feel the powerful aromas of home coffee ice cream or intense Valrhona chocolate. The more adventurous will choose the original associations such as apricot-ginger or raspberry-pink.

109 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris