Video Games Step Into the Spotlight at a Paris Science Museum

Video Games Step Into the Spotlight at a Paris Science Museum

The Cité des Sciences is an interactive science museum in Paris that is fun for both kids and adults. Starting in October, they will host an exhibition on a topic that has similarly captivated audiences of all ages. The exhibition, entitled 'Video Game,' will take visitors on a journey through the video game universe within a space of 1,000 square meters.

From the complete novice to the advanced gamer, there is something for everyone at this exhibition, which has been laid out in a manner that simulates the classic game Tetris. The over 40-year history of the video game will be on display here from October 22, 2013 until August 14, 2014 — giving guests staying at one of the Grands Hôtels Parisiens plenty of time to check out the Cité des Sciences during their trip to Paris.

A variety of game consoles will be on display and available for visitors to use, enabling them to experience the differences between the consoles as well as the evolution of game play and graphic quality. From the simplest plots and graphics to today's complex cinematic gaming experiences, those who see this exhibition can comprehend just how much video games have changed over the decades.

The exhibition also pays tribute to world-famous gamers, who reveal their thoughts about video games and the video game industry through video portraits created specially for the Cité des Sciences. Moreover sociologists and psychoanalysts will share their insights on the role of video games in society and their influence on the individual. To cap this exploration of the video game industry off, the exhibition will reveal the economics of gaming — including the numbers behind the video game market as well as careers related to gaming and video game development.

As a result, the 'Video Game' exhibition at the Cité des Sciences reveals the multifaceted, complex and unceasingly entertaining world of videos games.