Two Baroque Art Masterpieces from Bogotá at the Louvre

Two Baroque Art Masterpieces from Bogotá at the Louvre
As part of the 2017 France-Colombia Year program, the Louvre Museum Paris will be holding, until January 15th, 2018, an exhibition devoted to two emblems of the New Granada art: “La Lechuga” monstrance and a magnificent statue representing Saint Barbara.

“La Lechuga” was created by José de Galaz, who took about seven years to finish constructing it. It dates back to the very beginning of the 18th century and was actually made for the church of San Ignacio in Bogotá to hide the precious gems they had from the Spanish Crown, during the era of the New Kingdom of Granada (the Spanish 16th-century settlement in northern South America).

As for the Saint Barbara statue, this precious statue was made by Pedro Laboria. It is colored in the colors of the Spanish crown, an aspect that emphasizes the nobility of this religious figure and its supremacy, and regarded by many notable contemporary artists as one of the most inspiring pieces.

To view this wonderful exhibition, don't hesitate to book your ticket online via the website of the museum. 

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