The World's Largest Dinosaurs Storm the Jardin des Plantes

The World's Largest Dinosaurs Storm the Jardin des Plantes

From October 24, 2012 until May 13, 2013, giant dinosaurs will be invading France's National Museum of Natural History (Muséum National d'Histore Naturelle). This means that visitors will be able to discover the biggest creatures ever to walk the planet. Guests staying at one of the Grands Hôtels Parisiens can therefore explore the world of sauropods, a specific classification of enormous dinosaur, in a spectacular exhibition located within the Jardin des Plantes.

Everyone knows that dinosaurs were giant creatures that ruled the Earth during their existence. However, sauropods are considered to be gigantic even compared to other dinosaurs, so a new exhibit -- entitled 'World's Largest Dinosaurs' --that is dedicated exclusively to this class is bound to impress.

Despite their size, sauropods were herbivores, weighing up to 90 tons and containing roughly 600 liters of blood that had to be circulated through their large bodies. This class of dinosaur included such creatures as the argentinosaurus, the camarasaurus, the ampelosaurus and the, appropriately named, supersaurus.

At the exhibit, visitors will learn about the recent discoveries made by scientists regarding sauropods, including insight on their environment and biological processes. One of the most interesting parts of the exhibition is a reconstituted model of an 18-year-old female mamenchirausus. This model represents the true size that this animal would have been over 100 million years ago. It also enables visitors to see inside the body of the creature, revealing internal organs in addition to the exterior of the mamenchirausus.

This exhibition is therefore perfect for anyone who is curious about those strange beings that inhabited our planet so many millions of years ago.