The Techno Parade Blasts Through the City of Light

The Techno Parade Blasts Through the City of Light

The streets of Paris will transform in September thanks to an annual event that encourages masses of people to gather to celebrate the spirit of techno music. On September 14, the Techno Parade invades the City of Light, and guests staying at one of the Grands Hôtels Parisiens can join the fun during their trip to Paris.

The parade's organizers expect several hundred thousands of music fans to come together to dance to the beats of electro and techno music. Incredibly, this is the 15th edition of the well-known event, which are only grown in popularity since its debut in 1998.

DJs such as David Guetta, Bob Sinclair and Juan Atkins have all previously been participants in the techno parade, sharing their musical talents with the international crowd. Throughout the history of the Techno Parade, big names have never ceased to reveal their creativity to an adoring public.

The music will be blasted from large trucks that slowly rolls through the Parisian streets as massive crowds sway to the rhythm. No where else can visitors have such an exciting and interactive experience during a stay in Paris. Even those who are not fans of techno music can enjoy the sheer display of creativity and the large numbers that this musical event attracts.

Although the Techno Parade phenomenon is most well-known in Germany, the French version is nothing to sneeze at. And this year's edition promises to deliver musical innovation with a vibrant theme entitled 'Renew'all.' In this way, the event's organizers highlight the importance of the historically collaborative spirit of the parade while at the same time suggesting that sense of rebirth. In this way, inhabitants and visitors of Paris come together to enjoy this beautiful city and the diversity and vibrancy it offers.