The Swun lake is back in Paris

The Swun lake is back in Paris

"The Swun Lake", a legendary work that has its roots in Norse mythology, presented here in the deep and desperate version of choreographer Rudolf Nureyev.
Swan Lake is one of the most famous and played ballets in the world.  This is one of the jewels of the repertoire of classical music with sublime melodies of Tchaikovsky.

Played regularly around the world, the great "white ball" has resulted in several versions including the Petipa / Ivanov transmitted by the Russian tradition, that of Burmeister in 1953 and Nureyev in 1963 (Vienna version). Composed by Tchaikovsky echoing his own experience where love remains impossible dream, choreographed by Marius Petipa in 1895, Swan Lake was reinvented in 1984 by the great Rudolf Nureyev.

Swan Lake (with the love of the prince for a girl-bird, poetic and unreal creature) is a fantastic subject, bearer of many symbolic and psychological interpretations.

 Nureyev's legendary Version  gives the character of Prince Siegfried psychological depth and romantic character that give him a place equal to that of  the heroin. Considering all happy endings little in harmony with the nostalgic music of Tchaikovsky, Nureyev chose a tragic end!

The dances are performed with a refined style combined with an exciting energy. Elegance, alignments discipline and overall harmony characterize the troupe of Paris national Opera which makes us tick with emotions watching the beautiful legend of the dancer-swan. A sumptuous representation to watch again and again!

Top of romantic ballet, Swan Lake, exploring the intricacies of immortal love, has bewitched and continues to attract generations of viewers!

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