The Sound of Charlie Chaplin

The Sound of Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin is still regarded as one of the most talented figures of the early cinematic era. Before technology could allow us to hear the sounds created in the movie, he would act as a one-man orchestra and sound-effect booth on his own. His acting and reactions created such an illusion of sound that audiences could feel every beat of the narrative. The film may have had a score over the top, but this wasn’t always enough was a Chaplin picture.

A new show at the Musee de la Musique in Paris celebrates the man’s talents for silent sound and his influence on the world of cinema more generally. The show is the perfect chance for families and movie lovers to see some important pieces of his life and work in this new light. There are film reels, props and much more to help tell the story. The show continues until January 26th.

Useful information 

Date :
From 11 October 2019 to 26 January 2020

Location :
Philharmonie de Paris
221 Avenue Jean Jaurès
75019 Paris

Tickets :
Full price : 11€
Reduced price : 6€
Free : under 6 years old and handicapped