The Silver Screen Is Illuminated by the Lights of Paris

The Silver Screen Is Illuminated by the Lights of Paris

The Paris Cinema Festival is coming to the city from June 29 until July 10, 2012, and it is bringing a strong tradition of diverse filmmaking to a Parisian audience. The Paris Cinema Festival has been an anticipated city-wide event for ten years, and this year international actress Charlotte Rampling has been put in charge of the proceedings.

The event is taking place in roughly ten cinemas around Paris — like the Forum des Images, the Champo and the Gaumont Capucines Opéra — and it will present 200 French and international films, many of which have never been seen before. The festival will pay hommage to the creativity and diversity that is found in today's contemporary film scene.

For the best films, four prizes will be awarded during the festival. There will be an award given to each film that impresses the public, the jury, bloggers and students. These prizes highlight the desire of the festival to encourage a diversity of opinions as well.

A schedule of premiers with filmmakers, conferences and guests of honors make this festival even more special. Plus, in addition to the film showings, several events are taking place that encourage active participation from film fans.

For example, for the 'karaoké-ciné' event, a cultural center called the 104 is setting up a big screen that will project classic musical scenes from well-known films, encouraging the audience to sing along by showing the song lyrics at the bottom of screen. At the end of the karoke event, the screening room will turn into a giant dance club so that the music can continue all night.

This year, the festival is putting an emphasis on films from Hong Kong and will be presenting 80 films from the 1950s to present day all coming from the Asian city.

With its eclectic mix of genres and various events to participate in, the Paris Cinema Festival should not be missed by guests staying at one of the Grands Hotels Parisiens.