The Minicabs of Sound Offer Taxi Rides and DJ Beats in Paris

The Minicabs of Sound Offer Taxi Rides and DJ Beats in Paris
During four weekends, from June 13 until July 5, 2014, the Minicabs of Sound are coming to Paris. With them, they bring free beats from the best DJs of the Ministry of Sound. Guests staying at one of the Grands Hôtels Parisiens can join the party during their summer stay in Paris.

Everyone knows those famous black cabs from London. Their rounded, old-fashioned shapes have become an iconic symbol of the English city. Now, those who are visiting Paris can have a Londonian experience by taking a black cab. However, these taxis are not the ordinary ones that are caught in London. Instead, they transport people only to selected Parisian bars and clubs on Fridays and Saturday nights. The cabs will also take party-goers from these clubs back home.

What's more, the cabs have been completely made-over, giving them a more festive look. Inside of the cab, the passengers will be treated to music from the Ministry of Sound techno label. Amazingly, the cab service is free. However, those who wish to take advantage of it must make an online reservation at the Minicab of Sound website.

To make a reservation, visitors can go to the website and then choose a date, a bar or club and a time. Once your information is registered, you will then wait to see if you are selected to ride in the cab. Each weekend is dedicated to a different neighborhood, so bars and clubs that you can choose from will depend on the date you choose.

Those who are chosen to take one of the Minicabs of Sound can enter their photos of the night into a competition that gives them a chance to win a weekend in London, along with an invitation to an exclusive Ministry of Sound party. As a result, a trip to Paris can give visitors the occasion to discover a little piece of London.