The Ball of Vampires at Mogador Theater

The Ball of Vampires at Mogador Theater

The production company Stage Entertainment has produced in recent years in French several successful adaptations of Broadway musicals such as Cabaret, The Lion King, Zorro, Mamma Mia !, Sister Act, Beauty and the Beast. Similarly to all these international successes, Stage entertainment has brought The Ball of Vampires for the first time in France on Mogador theater stage. Touring twelve countries, from poland, Hungary, Austria, Germany to Japan and Russia, The Ball of Vampires musical has already been a huge success being played 6600 times to 7.2 million spectators.

"Dance of the Vampires", inspired by the cult movie of Roman Polonski, was implemented into a musical in 1997  with playwright Michael Kunze for the libretto and composer Jim Steinman for music, with the main theme adapted from Bonnie Tyler hit "Total Eclipse of the Heart ".

The script is very parodical, as we know. Polanski makes fun of horror movies and exercises its black humor at the expense of a popular genre and the unfathomable human credulity. Abronsius, old professor at the University of Königsberg, believes that vampires exist and wants to provide tangible evidence to skeptics. He goes on a journey to Transylvania with his assistant Alfred, to meet these demonic beings.

Guests staying at  Les Grands Hotels and who are passionate about theater plays and musicals should not miss such a success. The Dance of Vampires has it all, spectators will be overwhelmed by the outstanding staging and the beautiful scenery, the creativity of costumes and make-up. Come on, it is not common to see vampires dancing and singing live on stage!

The Ball of Vampires is the most ambitious production of Mogador. It has spectacular decorations aiming to recreate the castle of Count Von Krolock disaster, chief vampire of her condition, 40 actors, singers and dancers, an orchestra of twenty musicians each representation, 230 costumes, 23 scene changes to forty paintings, artificial snow cannons, video projections ...

The Dance of Vampires promises alot of comedy, horror, sensuality, dancing and singing...all in a picturesque and breathtaking atmosphere. 

Come on, it is not common to see vampires dancing and singing live on stage!