Superette Paris Showcases Amsterdam's Underground Art Scene

Superette Paris Showcases Amsterdam's Underground Art Scene

Nowadays, various forms of media are coming together as participants from all kinds of scenes and cultures collaborate and create together. An innovative production company called Superette is now fully exploiting all the possibilities of this brave new world.

Although the company specializes in film and advertising production, it also manages a small art gallery called Exhibette with the mission of showcasing creativity. With this mission in mind, Superette has organized a three-week long event called 'The Amsterdam Invasion.' From October 11, 2013 until November 4, 2013 the company's locale in the 10th arrondissement of Paris will turn into a spot where anyone can discover what is happening on the underground scene in Amsterdam today.

Combining visual art, music and other forms of creative expression 'The Amsterdam Invasion' will leave visitors feeling as if they have just hopped on a plane and landed in the coolest part of the Netherlands. With the artists Emiel Steenhuizen, Gino Bud Hoiting and Futureback, visitors can see the latest trends in Dutch contemporary art. In fact, these three artists conceived their exhibition pieces specifically for this event.

To provide a little background music for the event, a radio station called Red Light — in honor of Amsterdam's famous district – will be present to share their beats.

Guests staying at one of the Grands Hôtels Parisiens will find the 'The Amsterdam Invasion' provides a great reason to explore the more underground side of the City of Light. Small galleries like Superette's are extremely popular with the hip crowds in Paris, and offer a completely different vibe from mega-museums like the Louvre and the Centre Pompidou. As a result, this event is perfect for those who want to try something this is a little off the beaten path.