Romeo Castellucci paid tribute at the Festival d’Automne 2015

Romeo Castellucci paid tribute at the Festival d’Automne 2015

From September, 9 until December, 31, 2015, the city of lights will be hosting some of the most impressive artistic events, it’s the Festival d’Automne which will bring out different artistic disciplines through 40 different settings in Paris.

For a whole 4 months, you’ll be offered a variety of artistic presentations including music, theater, dance as well as visual arts.

For its 44th edition, the Festival d’Automne will be paying tribute the great artist Romeo Castellucci for the second consecutive year. A renowned director, set designer and visual artist Romeo Castellucci marked the European avant-garde theater. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris, its interdisciplinary design stage offers a drama that mixes theater with new technologies.

On the occasion of the Festival d’Automne, Romeo Castellucci will present its revisited edition of Igor Stravinski’s the Sacre du Printemps.

First presented in 1913, The Sacre du Printemps had strongly marked the international artistic scene. To celebrate the centenary of this major creation, Romeo Castellucci together with Teodor Currentzis, had developed a new approach to the piece: a show without dancers where 100 members of the orchestra MusicAeterna will invade the scene.

Castellucci's works will be running from November, 20, until December, 20, 2015 as  part of the Festival d'Automne. The festival offers as well a variety of artistic events such music concerts and dance show and will be held until December, 31, 2015. Guests staying at the hotel Plaza Tour Eiffel will be within a few minutes’ drive from the main settings holding the events such the Philharmonie de Paris. Mark your calendars and get reday for the event !