Paris Music Festival, a brand new music event in the capital

Paris Music Festival, a brand new music event in the capital

Partygoers in Paris, get ready for the big music event that will rock the capital this spring, the first edition of Paris Music Festival promises you three days of fun and excitement through different settings of the capital.

From the 17th to the 19th of March, 2016 Paris will be host to a major music event which will bring together all musical styles offering 80 concerts through 30 locations of the capital.

The 2016 Paris Music Festival offers new experiences by investing concert halls, jazz clubs, museums and other emblematic Parisian settings, to mention a few such the Petit Palais, the Quai Branly Museum, the Gaïté Lyrique, to mention a few.

Paris Music Festival is aiming to satisfy all audiences as it will offer concerts of all musical genres: pop, jazz, contemporary music, and rap will be on the rendezvous.

The event is aiming to reflect the image of the city as the crossroads of different European and world cultures, full of diversities. From la Maison de la Radio to the Quai Branly Museum through the Gaïté Lyrique, the most emblematic cultural and historiacl settings the capital will be transformed into party venues to host an eclectic scene, dissolving musical boundaries .

Guests staying at our Grands Hotels Parisiens will be within few minuets walk from the main setings hosting the event, enjoy!