Paris Is the Place for Strange Cinematic Journeys

Paris Is the Place for Strange Cinematic Journeys

From today until September 16, 2012, the 18th edition of the Strange Festival (L'Étrange Festival Paris) is taking place in Paris. The Strange Festival brings together a collection of weird, wacky and bizarre films for the viewing pleasure of diverse audiences. Presented at a cinema called the Forum des images, this film festival will reveal several world premiers, events with film directors and even a Zombie Night.

The Paris Strange Festival was created in order to celebrate superior cinematic works in the fantasy, supernatural, science fiction, horror and avant-garde genres. Any film fan who thinks that modern moviemakers do not have any new ideas should not miss this chance to be surprised by the level of creativity and innovation that many independent filmmakers are still bringing to the silver screen.

Over a period of 10 days, movie showings will be organized according to themes like Zombie Night, the New British Generation and Strange Music -- a theme night that includes three cinema concerts. The festival will also feature six world premiers and more than thirty French premiers. Films from all over the world will be coming to the Forum des Images for Paris inhabitants and visitors -- including guests staying at one of the Grands Hotels Parisiens -- to enjoy.

Certain films will also be competing to win festival recognition in several different categories. To this effect, prizes will be given out for the best short film and the best 'new genre.'

Renowned experimental directors like Kenneth Anger and Ben Wheatley will be joining the festivities as well. Most notably, both Anger and Wheatley will be featured in separate theme nights that present their unique cinematic visions for all to see. As a result, the Paris Strange Festival is perfect for both newcomers and fans of experimental, sci-fi, and fantasy film genres.