Paris Face Cachée 2016

Paris Face Cachée 2016

From the 5th to the 7th of February, 2016 Paris will be inviting you to unveil its “Hidden Faces” through a selection of events held at different settings of the city on the occasion of the Paris Face Cachée.

Through this fifth edition, Paris Face Cachée will be featuring around 120 adventures through hidden locations, usually prohibited for public visits. This is an invitation to go to the other side of the city and discover its authentic beauty, lying in these unknown places.

During three days, get ready to discover an unknown face of Paris, and experiment unique adventures. Paris Face Cachée invites you to discover an amazing Paris, a unique, unexpected, and authentic one.

To make part of this original journey, you have to accept the rules: Choose an experience, without knowing who or where you are going to play; even the gathering location is kept secret and will be revealed on your ticket after registration!

Guests staying at one of our Grand Hotels Parisiens will be within few minutes’ drive from some of the locations, kept secret till now. Consider booking your places to make part of this authentic experience, and learn more about Paris Face Cachée