Nuits aux Invalides 2019 : Lutetia, 3000 Years of Stories

Nuits aux Invalides 2019 : Lutetia, 3000 Years of Stories
One of the things that Paris does really well with its art and culture is the way it can transform buildings and spaces. It isn’t enough to put on a gallery show or hold a small festival somewhere. Instead, every consideration is given to maximising the space and the experience for the audience. 

The Nuit aux Invalides 2019 show should continue this tradition with its two separate events. The main show is a 45-minute 4K presentation of 3000 years of French history and its leading figures. The images will overwhelm the Invalides courtyard at 360 degrees for an immersive experience. Following that, visitors also have the chance to enjoy a candlelit night tour of the Eglise du Dome. This is one of those events where you have to ask: “when will I ever get the chance to see this again?”. Head on down before August 30th so you don’t miss out on this great show.


Useful information
Date :

From July 12th until August 30th, 2019 

Opening days :
From Wednesday to Saturday
Additional show on Tuesday, August 27th

Opening hours :
July 10:30 PM
August 10 PM

Admission :
Tickets price starts from 15€ to 23€
Visit of the Dôme Church (OPTIONAL - Night visit after the show) 9€