Michael Kenna at the heart of the intimacy

Michael Kenna at the heart of the intimacy

Mois de la photo in paris is celebrating its 20th edition with three main themes: Mediterranean photography, anonymous and famous amateurs and at the heart of intimacy. 

Under the last category, the work of many famous photographers will be exhibited in various venues in Paris. The magnificient work of the internationally renowned english artist, Michael Kenna, is displayed at carnavalet museum until the 1st of February 2015.

From his first visits in the 1980's, Paris haw become a constant source of inspiration of our talented artist. The work of Michael Kenna is so unique and sensual, always in black and white. His works cover a variety of topics in the natural landscape, more or less wild. 

If the photographer focuses on the iconic monuments of Paris, the Eiffel Tower across the Seine bridges, he evokes them with a grace that delights us. The few fifty prints in the exhibition, all together betray the same tender view for the misty atmosphere of gardens and docks, and aptly capturing the intimacy of a city he loves to wander at dawn or at dusk at night. This explains why Michael Kenna will be exhibited under the category at the heart of the intimate

The Carnavalet museum acquires its images from 1989 and enriches its funds on several occasions, thanks to the generosity of the photographer who proposed to the  the museum, its collections to complete a significant donation of his Parisian views: it is either antique prints found in archives or images which he had not yet performed tests or recent shooting in the capital.