Marché Pop in Paris 2019

Marché Pop in Paris 2019
The summer holidays can be all about excess and treats as we unwind on a break away from work and responsibilities. However, the new attraction Marché Pop in Paris is here to show that we can be healthy and fulfilled a little closer to home. This temporary site will host a range of stalls and vendors that will offer foods and activities with a healthier twist. Of course, there is still a sense of indulgence with some of the vendors, including the Irish themed area with the Jameson’s barbecue and cocktail bar.

Guests can work up their appetite for this, and much more, with dance classes and sporting activities. The 5000 square metre site should transform the old site on Avenue du Dr. Arnold Netter into a must-visit hangout for the summer. This is a place to visit over and over this season and you can do so right until October 15th.

Useful information

Opening Time
From 7 June 2019 to 15 October 2019

77 Avenue du Dr Arnold Netter,
75012 Paris 12