Louis Vuitton Foundation

Louis Vuitton Foundation

Finally, the Louis Vuitton Foundation for creation will open its doors to the public in October, 27. In its constant commitment to promoting culture, LVMH sponsored and adopted the whole concept and the building Louis Vuitton Foundation, which is considered nonetheless a legally seperate nonprofit entity.

The foundation design was concieved by Frank Gehry, a renowned American architect whose buildings around the whole world:  California, New York, Spain, Ohio, France, Germany, Hong Kong... have become tourist attractions. Many museums, companies, and cities seek Gehry's services as a badge of distinction. No exception to his pervious works, Louis Vuitton Foundation design can only be described as unique, one of a kind, emblematic...

Inspired by the glass of Grand Palais and Palmarium, Gehry glass design takes the shape of a sailboat which twelve sails are inflated by the wind. These sails are made of 3600 glass panels, each unique and specifically curved to fit the shapes drawn by the architect resulting in a breathtaking building.

The foundation will move and surprise the public by exhibiting artists' work in an innovative building which is a must see in itself.

Guests staying at one of Les Grands Hotels Parisiens are not so far and are lucky to could attend the opening of Louis Vuitton Foundation and see the grandeur and complexity of its design.