Le Spa dans le Noir

Le Spa dans le Noir

I'm pretty sure many of you have tried "Restaurant dans le Noir" where you get served by visually impaired people and enjoy your meals in the darkness. A concept very knwon worlwide? Le Spa dans le Noir,in the spirit of restaurants in the Black, was established in the heart of Paris in the 2e in Montmarte.

Le spa dans le Noir, or also known as "blind massage", is very common and practiced in South Asia. They are called "blind" for two reasons. The institute is held by 90% visually impaired peaople. All treatments and massages are practiced by blind and partially sighted people. Lacking the sight sense, the massage therapists who'll take you in charge are so talented and will focus on the first sense developed at birth; touch. In fact, the masseurs working in this brand new institute in Paris received the Innovation Award to the "Lights of beauty" in 2012. The whole institute It was ranked second best spa in Paris by Express .

Another reason for calling it a blind massage is that all treatment are performed in total darkness. With oo artificial light trained on the face, drowned in total darkness, soft music focusing only on your treatment and the caring hands of your maseur/masseuse is an unprecedented experience of total relaxation.

Le Spa dans le Noir provides various kinds of body and facial treatments for unforgettable awakening of your senses.

The spa also offers a cabin for two at your disposal, allowing both massed hold hands during their experience and fully share this moment of relaxation and absolute privacy. You can also try one of their most "gourmet" treatments, the Chocolate Massage.

Address: 65 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris
Phone:01 83 95 46 77