"Las Caras de America Latina" in Paris

The "Las Caras de America Latina" (the faces of Latin America) exhibition is above all a human story.! It will go beyond its aesthetic appearance, and be immersed in the reality of this continent still too often reduced to the football players, llamas and other Machu Picchu.! 

Bellevilloise, for its next exhibition, offers an invitation to travel with pictures from Florian Domergue in South America from the 29th of April.

At the age of 20, Florian decided to immortalize his trips by purchasing a camera. When he landed in Latin America, he decided to make portraits of people with very bright colors and marked expressions. Between Louis the fisherman, and Maria Asis the Brazilian musician, the photos presented do not only aim to capture this reality, but also to show the scenes of life in "micro worlds" while leaving the freedom of interpretation to each.

So this project is primarily the evidence of the evolution of a civilization, a reflection of its past and an invitation to imagine its future. It aims to penetrate and enter the South American soul known for its human diversit. Indeed, the genetic heritage of past centuries to create a society that is built today away from sectarianism that may exist within our Western integration models. We feel a common history that is written on the still smoldering embers of the fire of independence revolutions.

For this photos navigate between ethnology and fiction, using each person as a paragraph in the history of the continent or as a life theater actor. 

In a word, "Las Caras de America Latina" is a joureney to Latin America in all its vivacity, warm and colors.

Las Caras de America Latina


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