How to celebrate Easter in Paris

How to celebrate Easter in Paris
This year, Easter falls quite late at the end of April. There are hopes that this will mean plenty of sunshine. So, how to celebrate Easter in Paris in the great outdoors, not stuck indoors eating chocolate?

One way to enjoy the scenery of Paris at this time of year is to indulge in a cruise down the Seine – complete with a 3course meal. There are also other special Easter weekend deals and meals in top restaurants and in the Eiffel Tower. They are the perfect destination after a spring-time walk in the gardens

Families will also appreciate the chance to head out into the city’s parks and partake in an Easter Egg hunt. The Parc Andre Citroen is set to have as many as 40,000 eggs hidden in its grounds. Meanwhile, the roof garden of the Grande Arche at La Defence plans to create a farm with all the fluffy creatures we associate with springtime. It all goes to show that there are plenty of options available for Easter fun in Paris.

Sunday, 21 April 2019