Eclectic Music in Paris -- on a Boat

Eclectic Music in Paris -- on a Boat

The Batofar has a reputation in Paris for bringing together eclectic styles of music in a place with a unique ambiance. In fact, the Batofar is a restaurant, bar, club and concert hall all in one. Plus, it just happens to be located in a boat on the Seine. Visitors who come to the 13th arrondissement of Paris can have the pleasure of experiencing this one-of-a-kind spot for a couple of hours or the whole night. Early evening drinks can turn into dinner, until the music starts pumping and the party goes on all night.

As summer winds to a close, the Batofar is an ideal place to enjoy the last warm breezes with a drink in one hand. At the restaurant of the Batofar, the meals served are typical French dishes like steak, lamb or pork as well as some Spanish-influenced items like meats "à la plancha."

The bar area of the Batofar is separated from the concert hall area, and bands from completely different genres often play in one of the two areas at the same time. Buying a ticket for the concert hall allows visitors to meander from section to section, where they can listen to the various musicians taking the stage in either part of the establishment.

The music can be anything from eletronic to world to metal to dubstep. The weekend from August 31, 2012 to September 2, 2012 will bring out dub, deep dubstep, electro, house, deep house nu disco, rock, metal, folk and techno. Every night is a new adventure, and there are concerts every evening. As such, the Batofar always draws a crowd that is as diverse as the music it showcases.

Until September, the Batofar will also have a 'beach' section complete with beach chairs, parasols and tapas specials. Visitors staying at one of the Grands Hotels Parisiens can therefore lounge, dine, and dance the night away at the Batofar.


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