Dine in the Dark at This Exciting Parisian Restaurant

Dine in the Dark at This Exciting Parisian Restaurant

A truly one-of-a-kind adventure is waiting for you at a restaurant called Dans le Noir. The concept is fairly simple: this restaurant serve delicious, traditional French cuisine in a completely pitch black room. The intention is to simulate the experience of being blind, therefore enhancing all the other senses with which we enjoy food — namely our sense of taste, smell and touch.

From this basic idea develops an utterly unique experience. Members of the waitstaff are all blind individuals who help to guide you to your table and explain proper eating etiquette (for example, it is not only polite but absolutely essential to stick your finger into your glass when pouring yourself a drink; otherwise, you risk making a mess all over the table and your helpless neighbor). Diners do not choose their meals, instead they are asked upon arrival if there is any food that they are allergic to or absolutely cannot stand to eat. Apart from these preferences, they put themselves in the hands of the chef, who whips up classic dishes to suit all tastes.

The real fun begins when the starters are brought out. Everyone in the restaurant is served the same thing, and it is up to each diner to try to guess what it is. You would be surprised how difficult it is to figure out what is on your plate when you cannot see it. One person may taste chicken while another believes that it is lamb! This guessing process is repeated for the main course and dessert.

Although the food is standard fare — nothing too unusual or different here — it is very well executed and will give those who are new to France a good introduction to French cuisine. All the excitement comes from the experience, and there are many exciting moments to be had as even the simplest tasks, like cutting a piece of meat, become complex feats. By the end of the meal, however, you will be amazed by how much your sightless eating skills have progressed. Once the meal is finished, diners are returned to the light and allowed to see pictures of the dishes that they have just enjoyed.

For guests of the Grands Hotels Parisiens who are seeking a little adventure during their stay, a dinner at Dans le Noir must be booked well in advance.