Cooking class in Paris, the home of French cuisine

Cooking class in Paris, the home of French cuisine

France is renowned throughout the world for its wine, gastronomy and haute cuisine; and Paris is the very centre of this art culinaire.

When you visit Paris, your tastebuds are bombarded with such famous French delicacies as onion soup, roast duck, crepes, pastries, and gratin dauphinois to name a few.

What you wouldn’t give to be able to recreate these dishes at home...

Well for the price of just a few euros - you can! Take the opportunity whilst visiting Paris to take a cooking class which will show you the secrets and techniques of how to cook many of France’s signature dishes as well as specialist pastry, bread and dessert classes.

For some classes you will have the option of going to a local market to buy your ingredients, the best way to really understand the full culinary process. Choose to either go to a cookery school or to cook in a private apartment.

Your chef teacher will fill you with their knowledge and contagious enthusiasm and passion for their cooking giving you a really entertaining experience. And of course you get to eat your wonderful creations at the end of the class!

After your chef’s training, come back to your home in Paris, to one of les Grands Hotels Parisians, and see how our food compares!

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