Coffee Summer Sessions 2015 at Maison Caron

Coffee Summer Sessions 2015 at Maison Caron

Today we are going to talk about something indispensable in the lives of many around the world. When we say espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, turkish café or café cubano... we are refering to the same thing "Coffee". In The early morning, during the day or in the evening, with friends or family members, coffee has become our companion all day long and in all situations.

This summer, the Caron House introduces to us to the art of good coffee within Coffee Summer Session from 1 to 29 August 2015. Each day a new animation awaits coffe aficionados.

Within the House Caron, the store of the Brûlerie Caron, barista team invites us to discover the secrets of a good coffee at Coffee Summer Sessions  which are to be discovered the whole month of August. From 4pm to 8pm, with free access, we just take a short course to learn more about this drink so democratized.
Between learning of aromas, discovering the different traditions of coffee making in the world, and introduction to latte art, there will be an excuse to come every day enjoy a good coffee at the House Caron.

In fact, each day revolves around a theme related to coffee. We therefore find every Tuesday "the Coffee nose" to learn to identify its varied aromas. Wednesdays are dedicated to tips on how to make a good coffee from preparation to tasting. On Thursdays, there'll be sessions of introduction to coffee flavors.

To perfectly end the week, Fridays will be dedicated to the tasting of raw exceptions of Ethiopia. And, finally, a workshop "Painting topping and latte art" on Saturday for artistic souls. You have four weeks to come to tasty discoveries to the House Caron, by an average of 20 minutes sessions and why not, become an expert cafes hit this summer!

Coffe Summer Sessions 2015

Where?  Maison Caron 32 Notre Dame de Nazareth street 75003 Paris 3e

When? August 1st to 29, 2015

How much? Free