Christopher Wool Brings Street Art to Paris's Modern Art Museum

Christopher Wool Brings Street Art to Paris's Modern Art Museum

New York artist Christopher Wool is recognized around the world for his unique vision that combines contemporary art and street art. Now, the Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris is presenting almost 30 years of his work in an exceptional exhibition.

Visitors who are unfamiliar with Wool's work will discover the artist through a presentation of his most recent, extremely complex works. Those who already know Wool will get to see how, starting in the last decade or so, the artist has begun to present an artistic vision that is more developed than his previous works.

In fact, the exhibit presented by the Musée d'Art Moderne will display roughly 30 pieces dating from the 2000s, which show how Wool's work became more complex, bringing together multiple techniques and mediums on a single canvas. No matter what the decade, however, all of Wool's works attempt to examine — and sometimes mock — the structure of our societies. Much like another famed artist, Jeff Koons, Wool plays on the banality of everyday life and city living.

In doing this, Christopher Wool places himself within a movement of urban pop art that drives him to standardize his work in order to get it placed in different spaces around the city. Wool's goal is to allow his work to become a part of the everyday experience of city dwellers so that they can begin to question society themselves.

To this effect, Wool employs graffiti, repeated patterns and manipulated images that will catch the attention of any spectator. Guests staying at one of the Grands Hotels Parisiens can discover the revolutionary visions of Christopher Wool at the Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris until August 19, 2012. This exciting exhibit comes to Paris after having already been a success in both Strasbourg and Cologne.