Broken Hearts Are on Display at the 104 in Paris

Broken Hearts Are on Display at the 104 in Paris

Everyone knows that Paris has a reputation for being the City of Love. Now, a cultural center called Le 104 is paying tribute to the sadder side of love.

The pain of being in a relationship and breaking up seems like one of those inevitable facts of life. In order to turn this pain into an interactive cultural experience, Le 104 has partnered up with the Museum of Broken Relationships -- an award-winning museum in Zagreb, Croatia that showcases the souvenirs resulting from real-life breakups.

Parisians have been invited to donate their own personal objects that serve as tributes and reminders of relationships that did not last. They have also been asked to submit their own stories, sharing a few details about the relationship and the history of the object. However, those who worry about keeping their private lives private will be relieved to hear that all items exhibited are done so anonymously. Submissions are welcome from September 19 until November 30, 2012.

However, the most important thing for visitors staying at one of the Grands Hôtels Parisiens to know is that these items will be exhibited from December 19, 2012 until January 13, 2012. This unique exhibit would make an interesting addition to any tourist itinerary.

Visiting the guest exhibition of the Museum of Broken Relationships at Le 104 is a great way to discover this unique cultural center. With its restaurant and bar, trendy shops and underground contemporary art exhibits, le 104 is quickly becoming the go-to spot to check out the latest in modern culture. In addition to art exhibits, this center also often organizes film screenings and concerts for both visitors and inhabitants of Paris to enjoy.