The Best Paris Easter Egg Hunt 2019

The Best Paris Easter Egg Hunt 2019
The Easter holidays are just around the corner, which means that parents all across Paris are thinking about their Easter plans. An Easter egg hunt is a timeless tradition that is sure to go down well with the whole family. There are lots of great venues across the city with their own twist on this classic event. Here are 4 of the best places for an Easter egg hunt 2019 in Paris.   

1- The Jardin des Champs-Elysées :

On April 17, 2019, the Jardin des Champs-Elysées will host a free event to get children – and parents – in the mood for Easter. Local chefs will be creating some stunning eggs to hide around the gardens. There are also other games and events for a great day out. Take part in a sack race, test out the coconut shy and enjoy the spring weather.   

2- L’Aquarium de Paris :

On Easter Sunday itself, April 21, the Paris Aquarium plays host for an egg hunt with a difference. In addition to the 500 chocolate eggs hidden around the aquarium, there is also an educational trail on eggs and reproduction. Furthermore, 10 of these trail booklets will contain 2 tickets for the Musée du Chocolat.  

3- Disney Village:

There should be no surprise that Disney is getting in on the Easter action – or that they are doing things in style. Their 2-day event includes egg hunts for children from 3 to 8 years old in Disney Village maze set at the entrance of the Disney Village street as well as an interactive street show called “Les Jouets”.  

4- Thoiry Zoo :

Finally, it isn’t just the animals at Thoiry Zoo getting some Easter treats. They are hiding thousands of eggs around the grounds. 20 of these eggs are “surprise” eggs with some great prizes. Your children may be lucky and receive a free zoo pass or other great experiences.