Another vision on genius architect Le Corbusier’s work…

Another vision on genius architect Le Corbusier’s work…

Born in Switzerland in 1887, Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, better known as Le Corbusier, became a French citizen in 1930. Over 50 years of a career pioneering modern art, Le Corbusier designed an impressive amount of buildings erected all over the world. His work can be witnessed throughout Europe, South America, Russia and even in India and Japan, all in his very particular and geometrical style.

Nowadays, his masterpieces are still looked upon as a basis for many young architects. Not only was Le Corbusier an architect, but he was also an artist and a photographer - meticulously classifying his own work through a collection of numerous pictures. His work is renowned, and exhibited at the Le Corbusier Foundation, in La Maison Roche, Paris, 16th Arrondissement.

A very special exhibition is now hosted to let you discover a very unusual part of his work... During one of his travels in Brazil, in 1936, Le Corbusier used a 16mm camera to document and gather a number of pictures. A unique chance to see the world through his creative eyes, this exhibition will lead you to a better understanding of the designer.

Do not miss this chance to learn more about the Swiss-French architect, whose name still echoes today as an absolute pioneer of the art of building, and to visit the Maison Roche – the Jeanneret House – built by himself in 1923, in the heart of Paris.

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