An Inspirational Avant-Garde Furniture Designer Comes to Paris

An Inspirational Avant-Garde Furniture Designer Comes to Paris

Did you know that one of the early pioneers of the modern architecture movement was an Irish aristocrat named Eileen Gray? Born in 1878, Gray originally studied painting before moving on to furniture. It was the 1900 World's Fair in Paris that inspired Gray to move to the City of Light and then to London.

It was in London that she first discovered furniture design at a lacquer repair shop in the Soho district. From lacquer, Gray advanced to entire furniture pieces and then to architecture. She even designed and furnished a home for herself in the 1930s.

Now, guests staying at one of the Grands Hôtels Parisiens can see the evolution of Gray's groundbreaking artwork at the Centre Pompidou, a world-famous modern art museum. The Centre Pompidou is organizing an exhibition that revolves around Gray from February 20 until May 20, 2013.

This retrospective will be the first of its kind to display a range of works from the Irish artist and designer. Over her 70-year-long career, Eileen Gray generated an impressive body of avant-garde artwork, and now these accomplishments will be gathered together and displayed for all to see. Furniture, photographs and models will all be exhibited during this retrospective, revealing the versatility of the talented female artist.

These items enable the spectator to witness the evolution of artistic trends, from Art Deco to modernism. The influence of Eileen Gray can still be felt today, through the creations of contemporary designers. By visiting Gray's retrospective, the public has the opportunity to see how this modern design sensibility evolved at the turn of the century. Thanks to her talent and her visionary conception of modern design, Eileen Gray revolutionized the standard approach to furniture design.