A Surprising Show Moves Through the City

A Surprising Show Moves Through the City

This Saturday, a free show will be held in the streets of Paris that is sure to thrill both inhabitants and visitors. The show is called 'Figures Libres' ('Free Forms'), and it is being performed on September 22, 2012 at 8:30 p.m. The unique part about this show is that it will actually move through the streets, starting at the rue Vidal de la Blache, near the metro station Porte de Bagnolet in the 20th district, and finishing near the metro station Gallieni, in a suburb called Bagnolet, which is just outside of the city.

'Figures Libres' has been developed by a French performance art company called  KompleXKapharnaüM. Their creative name is only an indication of the amount of innovation and energy that they inject into their shows. This energy will be set free on the streets of the city, right at nightfall. The audience of this show will take part in an urban journey that is unlike anything they have ever experienced.

The spectacle will incorporate images, sounds and text in a unique multimedia event that is actually the result of a neighborhood collaboration. In November 2011, the company KompleXKapharnaüM filmed roughly 30 residents of the 20th district of Paris as well as the neighboring suburb Bagnolet. In September 2012, footage of an additional 25 residents was also added to the show.

The show will combine this recorded footage with live footage of the audience in order to highlight the idea of different individuals interacting as a community. The show's organizers also want to explore new ways in which public spaces and urban spaces can be used, which is why they have staged the performance to move through the streets of the city.

Guests staying at one of the Grands Hotels Parisiens can join in on the excitement this Saturday and discover a whole new side of Paris and its inhabitants. Mixing fiction and reality, the 'Figures Libres' moving spectacle will be sure to surprise anyone who takes part in it.