A Parisian Festival Celebrating the Best Craft Breweries

A Parisian Festival Celebrating the Best Craft Breweries
From May 24 until June 1, 2014, the City of Light will honor the world's finest beers. This marks the very first edition of the Paris Beer Week, so guests staying at one of the Grands Hôtels Parisiens should not miss the opportunity to take part in the unique festival.

From an amateur brewing competition to tastings of renowned craft beers, a wide variety of activities are planned for the week. Dinner nights, conferences and themed workshops add even more substance to the Paris Beer Week. The activities are organized in 20 spots throughout the Parisian region, with roughly 15 of them located in Paris proper.

The Paris Beer Week is aimed towards both beer connoisseurs and those who are merely curious. The organizers wish to shed light on the creative craft breweries producing tasty beers that are not mass produced. The event focuses on French breweries as well as international breweries.

In addition to the planned activities, certain Parisian bars and clubs will have an enlarged selection of artisanal beer during the period of the festival. Some breweries have even created special beers just for this occasion.

Participating brasseries include the Brasserie Zymotik, the Brasserie La Baleine and the Brasserie de la Goutte d’Or. Moreover, specialized beer merchants like Bièrissime and La Cave à Bulles will also be participating.

At events like the amateur brewing contest, samples will be tasted by a jury of beer professionals and recognized hobbyists. The winner will be declared during the closing ceremony of the festival, which takes place on May 31. The closing ceremony will also offer catering by food trucks, a live concert and DJ sets.

All in all, the Paris Beer Week is set to be a lively and informative event for any beer fan.