A Unique Venue Where Parisians Celebrate Friday Evenings

Wednesday 09 October 2013

A day at the track has never been this cool! At the Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes, Parisians are plugging into a chic new event, made unique thanks to its location at a legendary horse racing track in the 12th arrondissement of the city. This event is k..

Superette Paris Showcases Amsterdam's Underground Art Scene

Thursday 03 October 2013

Nowadays, various forms of media are coming together as participants from all kinds of scenes and cultures collaborate and create together. An innovative production company called Superette

Latin American Photography Comes to the 14th Arrondissement

Thursday 26 September 2013

A new exhibition at the Fondation Cartier, a cultural space dedicated to contemporary art, will honor Latin American photography over the past 50 years. From November 19, 2013 until April 6, 2014, the exhibit '

A Myth Born in Cambodia Comes to the Musée Guimet

Tuesday 17 September 2013

At the Musée Guimet, a new exhibition reveals the Cambodian region of Angkor, which has recently been classified as a National Heritage Site by UNESCO. The exhibition, entitled 'Angkor, the Birth of a Myth,' will run from October 16..

Video Games Step Into the Spotlight at a Paris Science Museum

Thursday 12 September 2013

The Cité des Sciences is an interactive science museum in Paris that is fun for both kids and adults. Starting in Octobe..

The Abstract Gouache Works of Poliakoff at the Musée Maillol

Wednesday 04 September 2013

The Musée Maillol is a Parisian museum dedicated to the life's work of Aristide Maillol, a French artist who was active in the first half of the 20th century. In addition to..

The Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal: The new place for Parisian chic

Monday 02 September 2013

At the entrance to Palais Royal, with its beautiful gardens and historic arcades, the Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal is the new, most secret place for chic Parisians. Housed in a magnificent 18

Minimalist Chic Meets Creative Cuisine Near Bastille

Thursday 29 August 2013

Located between two trendy Parisian neighborhoods — Nation and Bastille – a little bistro called l’Aumonière de Bacchus is causing a stir in the 11th arrondissement. With its minimalist decor and relaxed lounge ambiance, this restaurant is ser..

Free Saturday Workshops Keep You Entertained by the Seine

Thursday 22 August 2013

Come join a workshop at a wonderful cultural space with a beautiful terrace offering a view of the Seine.

The Colors Music Festival Hits Paris with Eclectic Beats

Thursday 15 August 2013

For the fifth consecutive year, a Parisian music venue called the Nouveau Casino is organizing a hip music festival to keep city dwellers dancing th..