113 Ors d’Asie

113 Ors d’Asie

From June 21 to September 4, 2017, the Musée Guimet puts on display an exhibition called “113 Ors d’Asie” which sheds light on the high usage of gold in the Asian continent. The main aim of the exhibition is focusing on the central position that gold holds in numerous Asian cultures including Tantric Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism.

The exhibition features 113 golden objects from the own collections of the National Museum of the Asian Arts - Guimet.

While items like gold jewelry of Indian Maharajahs, gold powder from Japan and coins made of gold from Afghanistan find a place in the show, the definitive showstopper of the event is the magnificent statue of Vajrayana with 1000 arms, which dates back to the 18th century. You can also get a glimpse of various gold mining and manufacturing techniques, on this occasion.

Once you come out of the exhibition, you will surely appreciate gold more than you have ever done before for the wonderful masterpieces you will discover.

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